The Wages of Sin

The third Ozarks Mystery featuring Elsie Arnold

In rural Missouri, a young pregnant woman is found beaten to death. The only witness to the murder is her six-year-old daughter…


A Killing at the Creek

The second Ozarks Mystery featuring Elsie Arnold

Prosecutor Elsie Arnold loves her small-town home in the Ozark hills, but she’s been waiting for a murder to come along and make her career…


The Code of the Hills

The first Ozarks Mystery featuring Elsie Arnold

To uncover the truth, she’ll have to break the code of the hills…


The Elsie Arnold series deserves to run and run.

Alex Marwood

Unflinching and gritty.

Library Journal

Compassionate and compelling

Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Third in the Ozarks Mystery Series


Meet Nancy

The Ozark Mysteries and The Tanqueray & Tonic

Today on Mystery Playground, Nancy Allen, author of the Ozark Mysteries joins us with a fabulous drink and the story behind the story of her novels: The Code of the Hills and A Killing at the Creek. Click here to read the article...

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The Literati Press on THE WAGES OF SIN

When Elsie figures out the secrets that Ivy has been keeping she sheds her lawyerly persona and runs to the rescue without a plan. But something tells me that this is not the first time, nor will it be the last. Click here to read the...

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Roads Go Ever On on THE WAGES OF SIN

The Wages of Sin is a well-written book, with a number of multi-dimensional characters, who interact/intersect with each other in very believable ways. I enjoyed this book and i’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good court-case story. Click here to read the review...

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